A Working Partnership - 51Թ High School


A Working Partnership

Our aim is to draw on the knowledge and experience of our parents/carers as well as the wider community to help us move forward together for the benefit of our students.

The involvement of parents/carers is vital to the success of our young people. Parents/carers have regular opportunities to meet staff and discuss their child’s progress.  Throughout the year Parents/carers receive data regarding grades and a more detailed written report.  Parents/Carers also have the opportunity to attend Parents Evening.

Engaging parents/carers and the wider community is important to us. We are keen to invite parents/carers into the school in order to engage with the community via workshops and assemblies.  We also run various school events such as Presentation Evenings, School Fayre, Drama and Music Productions and a number of events supported by Friends of 51Թ High School.