Key Information - 51Թ High School


Teaching & Learning

51Թ High School provides a challenging and personalised education for all students that will inspire students to become confident, ethical and compelling individuals with the qualities to shape a better future for all. 51Թ High School promotes a learning culture that is international, technological and enterprising.

Effective teaching will ensure personalisation for all students and there will be additional scaffolded learning activities for some students through the challenge curriculum. The progress and attainment of each student is closely monitored to enable all to meet or exceed challenging targets. Regular feedback to students and redrafting and correcting work are an important part of lessons and homework to ensure students learn from mistakes and know how to move forward successfully.

At our school, we believe that learning will most effectively take place when;

-        The environment is secure, stable and stimulating

-        Students understand the purpose of the learning and see relevance to their own experience or future ambitions

-        Students understand the ways in which learning takes place

-        The learning builds upon knowledge and students are given opportunities to connect meaning and demonstrate their understanding in a lesson

-        The learning is active, collaborative and creative

-        Students question, reflect, and discuss

-        Personalised learning is facilitated and encouraged

-        Students can self or peer assess, know what they need to do to improve to meet or exceed their targets

-        Teachers give effective and regular feedback and students are required to respond and make improvements.

All 51Թ High School staff are trained in the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP). This professional training puts classroom-based research into practice to promote student learning. Teachers are committed to using these techniques to enhance the educational experience for all students.

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