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Support for EAL/Multilingual Students

Starting a new school can be challenging, especially when the language spoken is unfamiliar or different from what you speak at home.

At MHS we understand these challenges and make it a priority to provide our learners with the support they need.

Our school offers a variety of resources to help students who are transitioning to a new language environment. From language support classes and tutoring sessions to conversation clubs and Jacari mentoring, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can feel valued and supported.

Additionally, our teaching, Learning Support and pastoral team are always available to lend a helping hand and offer guidance to ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and socially. With our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed and make a positive impact in our school community.

We take pride in our vibrant multicultural community, where we embrace diversity year-round events such as Refugee Week, World Hijab Day, Cultural Dress and Cuisine Day and Community Iftar that play a significant role in celebrating this diversity. Through our tutor programme we educate children about global events and experiencing other cultures. Additionally, our Trust-wide ‘Voices of Venturers Trust’ celebration highlights various languages, with parents joining us to showcase their own. This event is a thrilling experience for our students as they delight in meeting new people and learning new words.



MHS is taking steps to be recognised as a School of Sanctuary. This means that we are a safe and welcoming place for all, especially those seeking sanctuary from violence and persecution. This could be people whose lives were in danger in their own country, who have troubles at home or are just looking for a space where they can feel safe. Please read more about Schools of Sanctuary here.

Below you will find links to some supporting resources to help EAL learners and their families to help them feel settled both at school and home:

Guide to the UK immigration and asylum process:


Bristol Refugee Week (17th - 23rd June). Information for schools:


Aid Box have a new 'Get Help' page on their website its accessible in 14 languages:


Bristol STAR currently runs a conversation club twice a week to allow refugees and asylum seekers to practice their English in a safe and comfortable environment. They also run a Homework club to help children. Additionally, they are partnering with organisations around Bristol to run events for asylum seekers and refugees to express themselves.


FSMs for families with NRPF (including application form):


Translated guidance for newly arrived parents:


Translated information about services and support for newly arrived families:


Bristol Bike Project 'Earn a Bike Scheme: